This is a training tool intended to help players learn the mechanics of the Amirdrassil raid, as an alternative to other forms of guides for those who find it easier to learn by doing.

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Loved this game. Played it numerous times. Helped prep for Normal / Heroic. It'd be cool to see the final boss patched in. Also, I would love to see you do Dev Logs on youtube


Had a lot of fun especially with the bonus boss super well made!!!!!!  Love that no animals are harmed in these games since we're all just a bunch of pineapples.  Eat less animals and more pineapples y'all!!

i died :(

I had never played WoW, but I had played MMORPGs, so it was very interesting to be reminded of those days! I was interested in WoW.

I was surprised when all of a sudden a 3D chase game started lol.

And the various pineapples are very good!

my play through

So good!

9/9mythi raider

amazing as always

Stunning work! The dragonriding was an amazing addition <3

Amazing job!