Castle Pineapplia - Patch 1.1 - Mobile support and Heroic difficulty


• Mobile version (Android-only for now)
• Touchscreen support in web version
• Added a difficulty selection between Normal and Heroic
• Added a bunch of previously missing Heroic mechanics (details below)
• Implemented a bullet system that allows 1000+ bullets on screen without loss in performance, to potentially add higher difficulties in the future

• Echo screech is now heroic-only, same as in the actual raid
• Added an initial wave of donuts at the start of the intermission
• The donuts during intermission are now slightly slower

Plantsman Altimor
• Completely changed the Shade mechanic (adds spawned by Barghast) to more closely resemble the actual mechanic in the raid
• Changed the bullet pattern that is fired if a cast goes through
• Two adds are spawned on Heroic

Tropical destroyer
• Increased the duration of Gluttonous miasma to put more emphasis on it as the main mechanic of the fight
• Expunge now leaves orbs on the ground (Heroic only)
• Changed the visuals of Expunge to be less confusing (the circles looked way too similar to Gluttonous miasma)

Artificer Pin'apl
• Completely changed the Edge of Annihilation mechanic (pull mechanic in phase 3) to look and behave the same as it is in the raid
• Slightly increased the time until the seeds detonate, as the timer seemed to be too strict
• Added stasis traps (Heroic only)
• Slightly better visuals for placing portals

• Added the Destructive Stomp mechanic
• Added the Chain Slam mechanic (Heroic only)

Sire Pineapplius
• Added the Heroic version of the Feeding Time mechanic where your allies need to soak the line
• Changed the orbs in phase 3 to look like the orbs in the actual raid, made the orbs heroic-only
• Fixed an issue with Denathrius' HP not updated when damaging his fancy sword


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Jan 25, 2021

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