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this stuff is awesome!!!

Very cool and fun and great art style! :D

This is amazing! Great work! Keep it up!

thank you so much!

As a raid leader, I love this stuff. So much! Thank you for making it <3



but you are raid leading a bunch of people that barely cleared Nathria on normal, why do you love this stuff so much?


Normal is still current content for loads of players out there.. Not everyone takes the step into Hc much less Mythic...

And this helps people understand mechanics better than the RL talking to them in some cases... Stop trying to be an elitist and recognize that people play this game at VASTLY different levels.

Any way to remap keys somewhat? I use a WQSE scheme and conventional WASD messes me up pretty hard :(

Absolutely awesome otherwise <3

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Added the option to remap movement keys.

This is so cool. I think you should make one with TBC raids too.

This is so much fun, thank you!

Could you link the music used again, like what you did with Castle Pineapplia? I like to play these tracks in the background during the actual boss encounters in the game, and it would be really convenient if you did that again so I don't have to sift through the creator's website for the specific tracks



Pineapple of the Jailer:

The Pine:

Remnant of Photosynthesis:

Soulrender Dormafruit:

Painsmith Raznal:

Guardian of the Sweet Ones:

Fruitscribe Roh-Calorie:


Lady Windfruit: (this one is a demo, had to buy the full version)


This is amazing work, many kudos!