This is a training mini-game that simulates 7 out of 8 bosses of the Vault of the Incarnates raid.

Music by Arno Cyreus and Zach Striefel.

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Planning to update it with raszageth?

Sorry for the late reply!

Unfortunately due to the situation in my country I dont think I will see the raid any time soon (and perhaps not at all), and although I could add Raszageth by following video guides and kill videos, I just can't find the energy to do so. So I'd say it's unlikely.


shit dude, hope you are safe.

SO RAD! Great work, thank you. I really hope you can make a TANK option!

Such a cool idea! Keep up the great work.

Would love a tank focus version :D

This is great learning tool for basic mechs

Can I try as a tank?

Great work on this man, definitely helpful. I'm gonna check out Gelatine too! I know you made mention of purchasing the rights to these songs so you cannot distribute them, but is there a way you can mention who made them because the soundtrack is great.

So, different tracks are made by two different composers - Arno Cyreus and Zach Striefel

It turns out that Arno Cyreus actually has some of the tracks on their Soundcloud:

But Zach Striefel's music doesn't seem to be publicly available.

I'll add that to the description, good call!

really nice pineapple aftertaste, grimtotem was pretty funny

I gotta know, is the music from this anywhere? It's so good, especially Dathea

really cool game, loved it even though im terrible at it

It there a way to make it functional on mobile?? It runs perfectly but I can't input any moves. 😊😊

Would be great if you could change the keybinds somehow; playing this with an azerty keyboard isn't too great, and neither attacking with the mouse. Awesome otherwise.

I've just added key remapping functionality, you can find that option in the pause menu

if anyone is experiencing any fps issues it is not the browser you probably just have turned off hardware acceleration in the settings.

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That was my thought as well, but some people are claiming that somehow turning on hardware acceleration made it even worse for them, while other browsers work fine.

Sounds really odd, but maybe there's just something different about Chrome.

I love the touhou music so much I like to play the tracks while actually doing the raid. Think you could link the songs like you did with the others?

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Not sure if I'll be able to share the music for this particular game, since the music is not freely available and I've only purchased the rights to use the music in the game (which does not give me the right to distribute the tracks on their own). Sorry!

awesome gane!!!